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Corporate Profile

Our History

A Family-Owned Enterprise...
At the end of the 70s, Réal Grondin, an experienced trucker from Drummondville, acquired a transport permit and a fleet of trucks. A true visionary, he founds Danaca Transport with the assistance of his wife and partner, Muriel Cormier.

...undergoes a period of exceptional growth...
In a short space of time, the company acquires a reputation for attentive, rapid and reliable service, assets that a number of steel mills are quick to seize upon. From then on, the company grows at a progressively fast rate, increasing the size of its staff and fleet, from six trucks to over a 100 in a 10-year span.

...rises to meet the challenge...
In 1986, the steel industry experiences a significant slowdown. Despite this setback, the managers of Danaca Transport meet the challenge head-on by establishing a new company: Danaca Transport Montreal. While continuing to serve the steel industry, this new corporate entity is committed to market diversification.

...chooses a strategic location for its operations...
To better manage the growth of its services and customer base, Danaca Transport Montreal sets up its base of operations in 1990 in the Greater Montreal Area, choosing the city of Longueuil. Thanks to its new strategic location, the company experiences new growth and becomes the acknowledged leader in the shipping of steel and construction material for Quebec.

...promotes the next generation of managers...
In 1995, a new generation of achievers, well-known by company management, put their knowledge and experience to use:

- Steeve Jutras, company-founder Réal Grondin’s son-in-law, assumes the position of dispatcher. His learning abilities and remarkable salesmanship lead to his promotion to the position of Director of Sales.
- After completing his studies in business administration, Réal Grondin Jr. assumes the responsibility for managing the fleet and the company’s logistical operations pertaining to national ports. A few years later, he is promoted to the position of Director of logistics.

...and offers a wide range of services to suit all business needs...
Over the years, Danaca Transport Montreal has evolved from a transportation company to a multi-capability corporation offering business logistic solutions with the family touch. We provide a complete range of road, rail and sea transport services as well as cargo handling and warehousing… each one geared to meet our customers’ specific needs.

...thereby enabling our customers to succeed!
We are able to efficiently manage all logistical operations through a synergistic approach and the development of personalised turn-key solutions for your business’s shipping and transportation needs. Our know-how enables you to better manage costs and increase your productivity. You will gain peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a company known for its reliability and adherence to the industry’s highest standards.

Danaca Transport Montreal’s customers truly are loyal partners in business!

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